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Arthrolon is an anti-inflammatory cream for relieving pain in the joints, lower back, spine, treating diseases, restoring functionality and strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Doctors recommend using the drug for the following purposes:
• to eliminate pain and inflammation from bruises, bumps, stretch marks, resulting from domestic and sports injuries;
• for the treatment of osteochondrosis and other pathologies of the spine and joints;
• to relieve edema and muscle pain;
• for the therapy and prevention of arthritis and radiculitis;
• to reduce pain in the back area caused by age-related changes or meteosensitivity.
The cream can be used both as an independent anesthetic and as a complex treatment of the musculoskeletal system.


The preparation Arthrolon is developed and made according to the original recipe on the basis of natural ingredients: • Mint and menthol oils; • Extract of horse chestnut; • eucalyptus oil; • pepper extract; • turpentine; • camphor; • fir oil. Each of the components of the cream has certain anti-inflammatory, soothing and warming properties. The combination of these qualities has a beneficial complex effect on the skin, joints, bone and muscle tissues of the musculoskeletal system.

Instructions for use

Arthrolon is manufactured in the form of a cream, which facilitates the rapid absorption and absorption by the body of its curative substances. Before applying it, the problem area of ​​the body is washed with warm water and soap. Then the skin is wiped dry and massaged with light movements. After this, the cream is applied, which must be rubbed until completely absorbed into the epidermis. To enhance the effect, the treated zone can be insulated. An hour after the application of the cream, it is necessary to wash off its leftovers from the body with warm water, otherwise some of the potent components of the product may cause mild skin burns and irritation.

How it works?

Arthrolon components penetrate quickly and deeply inside tissues, have a targeted effect on the foci of pain, relieve inflammation of muscles, joints and skin, saturate them with useful nutrients. Menthol and mint oil cool and soothingly act on damaged skin areas. Extraction of horse chestnut helps restore the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, relieves pain in the back and waist, nourishes the muscle and bone tissues with the necessary elements. Eucalyptus oil dilates capillaries and vessels, has analgesic effect, treats arthritis and radiculitis. Components of fir oil saturate tissues with oxygen. Pepper extract has a warming effect. Camphor and turpentine relieve skin inflammation, pain from spinal injuries. The drug Arthrolon is effective not only for the rapid elimination of pain and inflammation, but in the treatment of chronic diseases of the joints and spine, in strengthening their immunity. However, it has no side effects, except for rare cases of individual intolerance to the ingredients of the cream.


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