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Bioretin – wrinkle cream that will help you to quickly get rid of many age-related changes. Thanks to the unique complex of nutrients in the composition of the visible result can be estimated after a few weeks.


Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Triggers the natural processes of collagen, awakens the regeneration of the extracellular matrix. Stem cells of Chicory. Remove signs of fatigue, soreness. Smooth out large wrinkles on the forehead, eliminate the creases in the eye area. Extract from the buds of rosemary. Soothes, restores its natural color, reduces pain, combats dermatitis and allergic reactions. Oil red palm. "Fills" the skin and as it pushes out the wrinkles. Persons becomes smooth, the outline is returned, and sagging leaves. Kelp Golden. Toxins, toxins, harmful substances; removes the lump and restores the natural structure.

Instructions for use

The use of cosmetics with Jujube is not associated with any discomfort or restrictions. Before applying, it is sufficient to clean the skin with soap and water and wiped dry her. For optimal results, the manufacturer recommends to use the serum regularly. Well, the reviews indicate that visible results appear after two months of active use.

How it works?

Immediately after application they begin to work actively. The upper layers of the dermis are softened, return the natural shades that reduce allergic reactions. Further active ingredients penetrate the deeper layers begin to nourish, restore and how to "push out" wrinkles from the inside.


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