Psoridex is cream-wax from psoriasis allows to repair damaged tissue and reduces swelling and inflammation of tissues. Tool quickly removes itching and flaking reduces excessive activity of the skin. Psoridex made on the basis of herbal ingredients that cause no … Continue reading Psoridex


A rejuvenating cream mask COLLAMASK is a restorative and tonic that helps to restore youth and beauty of skin. The mask contains a complex of components that stimulate the key processes of epidermis regeneration and stimulate metabolism. Thanks to this … Continue reading COLLAMASK


Valgosocks is corrective orthopedic socks designed by top German specialists together with scientists of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany for the treatment and prevention of hallux valgus.


AlcoBarrier is for the treatment of alcohol dependence, which has negative consequences for the patient. Serum is a innovative drug, which is significantly different from other means of anti-alcohol therapy. In modern pharmacology these drugs are called “parapharmaceuticals” that characterizes … Continue reading AlcoBarrier


Artrotok is an all – natural remedy that fights various diseases of the joints. Available in the form of gel, relieves pain in the lumbar region, in the legs. Prevents and fights periarthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, etc. In multiple studies it … Continue reading Artrotok

Alco Blocker

“Alco Blocker” is the latest development aimed at an active struggle with alcoholism. The basis of the drug – only natural ingredients (extracts koprinusa, artichoke, centaury, shiitake mushroom), which is over active in the person with alcohol dependence.


Detoxic – strong medication to gently cleanse the body of parasites and worms. Removes all the signs of intoxication, returns vigor and well-being, effective against all types of parasites. Detoxic – this drops for quick relief the most unpleasant symptoms … Continue reading Detoxic

Valgus Pro

Retainer thumb “Valgus Pro” – development of American scientists. Before them was tasked to come up with a simple and efficient way to get rid of valgus. Because the protruding bone was a problem for most Americans: overweight and uncomfortable … Continue reading Valgus Pro