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DentaBlack is a toothpaste with whitening and revitalizing action. Organic coal on the basis of which the product is manufactured, successfully fighting off pathogenic bacteria, while maintaining the health of the oral cavity and fresh breath. As the result is the perfect smile, to show that it is not a shame in any society. This is shown by all who took part in the testing of new pastes volunteers. Godovoe remedy for teeth was certified after strict control and clinical trials quality.
Experts recommend toothpaste anyone who wants:
To have a Hollywood sparkling smile.
To remove the dark coating without expensive procedures.
To prevent damage to the enamel and prevent it chipping and stains.
To get rid of sensitivity to hot and cold.
To eliminate bleeding gums while brushing.
To get rid of the problem of unpleasant smell from a mouth, to help where others have failed methods.


The active current component DentaBlack is bamboo charcoal. About its medicinal properties in problems of the gastrointestinal tract is known to almost everyone (the adsorbent qualities of activated charcoal to help with various digestive disorders). But the ability of bamboo charcoal to whiten for many a real discovery. But from time immemorial our ancestors have successfully used this tool for cleansing and care of the oral cavity. Contact with the enamel, the microparticles of coal serves as a filter, absorbing harmful for your teeth the acid and alkali. Because of this pH level is normalized, that does not allow the bacteria to multiply and mucous inflamed. Included in the additional components of herbs have beneficial effects such as: anti-Inflammatory; Antibacterial; Healing. Thanks to the plant extracts will disappear bleeding gums, the oral cavity will be protected from the development of many unpleasant pathologies (caries, gingivitis, stomatitis, infections, etc.).

Instructions for use

The principle of using DentaBlack is no different from using any other toothpaste. At moistened brush to apply a portion of the funds and in a circular motion to carefully handle teeth. The procedure is repeated daily twice a day. The course is 1 month. A single application of results did not give. That smile shone in the whiteness and health, you need regular use. To accelerate the achievement of the desired effect by limiting the consumption of black coffee and tea, foods and drinks with dyes in the composition.

How it works?

Action DentaBlack is not limited to whitening. The uniqueness paste that, along with snow-white smile it offers a whole range of health properties: Destroys nicotine and other attacks; Cures inflammations and wounds; Fights sensitivity; Strengthens enamel, prevents the appearance of chips or cracks; Minimizes the risk of diseases of the oral cavity; prevents Tartar formation; Neutralizes the effect of the coloring pigment from the food and drinks. Healthy teeth is an important aspect of the health of the organism as a whole. Now reach dental splendour is very simple: use DentaBlack and proud white rows of teeth.


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