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DR Extenda

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DR Extenda is a specialized Supplement designed for those who want to improve body tone and to make intimate life more diverse. The composition includes a large amount of active ingredients, which positively affects the condition of the body.
Indications and contraindications
The indications include the following:
signs of erectile dysfunction;
loss of libido;
constant drowsiness;
physical fatigue;
sexual activity lose interest.
The primary contraindication is an Allergy to any ingredients of the product. To use the drug should not women in which proceeds the period of pregnancy or feeding a child breast milk.


To active ingredients supplements DR Extenda include the following: the leaf extract of the herb Damiana. Acts as afrodisiaca and regenerator. Accelerates restoration of health. Guaranteed prevention of problems associated with urination; extract BOCKSHORNKLEE. Responsible for increasing the intensity of the release of testosterone. Prevents problems with potency; extract POMEGRANATE. Improves sperm quality. Penetrating into the prostate, helps to increase libido. To use Supplement after prior consultation with a treating specialist.

Instructions for use

To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to take one tablet 20-30 minutes before Breakfast and one tablet before lunch time. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. Side value Through a three-phase effect appears the possibility to eliminate impotence problems. The drug is easy to application, through which is extended the intensity of sexual intercourse in General. Guaranteed quick and effective achievement of the erection, thereby increasing the number and quality of sperm in General. The response to stimulation increases its quality. This ensures proper functioning of the body. Strengthening the immune system contributes to the normalization of well-being and reduce the production of sweat. After intercourse, the body recovers much faster.

How it works?

In the initial phase the body is actively wetted, pre-prepared for the working phase. During the flow of the actual phase of expanding the blood vessels in the lower body, which improves the flow of blood from the vessels directly to the erectile tissues of the penis. As a result, it achieves an intense circulation inside the penis, normal course of erection. Thus, the duration of erection is improved significantly. In the course of a stabilization phase, which lasts for two weeks, the body condition begins to stabilize. In the course of this phase, the body completely recovers normal erection. The effect persists for a long period of time.


DR Extenda
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