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Eco Slim

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“Eco Slim” water – Soluble vitamin tablets consisting of natural fat burners and components, deducing toxins from the body.
The effect of the pill, “Eco Slim” based on the beneficial effects of b vitamins that encourage the breakdown of fats in the body and helps to eliminate toxins accumulated body of unnatural foods.


In the formulation means “Eco Slim” includes ingredients that are going in a clean environment, ecologically safe regions. Together they help to get rid of all the extra kilos by cleansing the human body from harmful substances, accumulated in the course of life: vitamin B2 – works with the hormonal system, normalizes the function of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands; vitamin B5 is responsible for an active breakdown of fats and carbohydrates conclusion, it reinforces the effect of extract of seaweeds (algae); vitamin B8 in combination with the extract of Coleus forskolii normalizes the process of digestion and help to fight cholesterol and stimulate better absorption of other nutrients; vitamin B12 activates metabolism, normalizes metabolism; vitamin B6 in combination with succinic acid and taurine activates an incredibly effective process of burning excess fat; caffeine stimulates skin cell regeneration, and tones and invigorates; guarana extract protects intestinal flora, tones every cell; chitosan helps to fight against such dangerous deposits like heavy metals, carcinogens and radionuclides.

Instructions for use

To quickly and consistently lose weight using “Eco Slim”, you need to know how to take the drug. You cannot violate the established timing and dose: 1.One effervescent tablet diluted in a glass of clean water. 2.Contents drink about 20 minutes before a meal. 3.Repeat the procedure three times a day. In one package of the drug “Eco Slim” contains 20 tablets, which is enough for a third course. One course with a large body mass should last 20 days, strictly enforced three-time reception. But there is another way to consume tablets once daily prior to first meal. This method is recommended unofficial sources for those who have excess weight not more than 5-7 kg.

How it works?

Pills “Eco Slim” for weight loss – natural, safe, and pleasant to taste sparkling tool that is guaranteed to help to lose weight in any amount of excess weight. And the cost of the drug is quite modest, so try it definitely should be!


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