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Drop El-Macho-known as a natural and effective drug for improving erectile function, boosting libido and increasing the duration of intimate contact. Professionals to achieve maximum cut positive results recommended to use both drugs in combination.


The unique effect is possible thanks to the following plant components included in the composition of the drops: 1.L-arginine is an amino acid that promotes increased sexual activity. It is used to strengthen the potency and enhance libido as well as improve the quality of seminal fluid. In addition, L-arginine helps in repairing muscle tissues after exercise, stimulates metabolic processes. 2.Magnesium — improves blood circulation in the genital area, positive effect on potency. Strengthens muscle tissue, improves sexual and physical stamina. 3.Glycine — this ingredient stimulates the synthesis of proteins necessary for growth of the muscle groups has a positive impact on the functioning of the nervous system. 4.Garanova hood — it has tonic and tonic properties, stimulates muscular blood flow, helps to improve the condition of the male urogenital system.

Instructions for use

To take drops of El-Macho in accordance with the instructions. Method of use of the drug is extremely simple. You need to add 20 drops in a glass of clean water and drink about half an hour before the alleged sexual contact. According to experts, to achieve a lasting, positive effect, to take the drug should be daily, even if intimate a date for this day is not scheduled. Drink drops once during the day. The optimal therapeutic course lasts for two weeks. You must then make a mandatory pause of 10 days and, when desired or necessary, repeat the treatment.

How it works?

El-Macho confirmed its effectiveness by the results of clinical tests and numerous responses from the representatives of the stronger sex. The drug has a rapid effect due to stimulation of processes of blood circulation and active blood filling of the penis, results in a to improve erections, improve libido and quality of intimate contact are already noticeable after the first application. El-Macho — drug to build muscle, improves the efficiency of training and physical endurance, relieves muscle tension, and with regular systematic use makes the muscles more voluminous and textured.


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