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Erogan is a drug made from components of natural origin and intended for men with problems in sexual life and lack potency. The tool appeared on the pharmaceutical market relatively recently, but has already received the men’s trust and recognition. Erogan has gained the trust of not only men but also women, many of whom by this means were able to help their husbands.


Reviews drops Erogan confirm that the components of the drug positively affect sexual life and body as a whole. Erogan strengthens the immune system and has beneficial effects on the internal organs. The preparation includes the following components: 1.the ginseng root. Strengthens the immune system, fights against fatigue, restores the protective functions of the body. Promotes libido. 2.cornflower extract of koljuchegolovye. Struggling with erection dysfunction, which increases the duration of sexual intercourse. 3.Muira Puama. This Brazilian herb is a powerful aphrodisiac. Component is used for restoration of erection and potency in General. The ingredient stimulates the production of testosterone hormone, which has beneficial effects on libido. 4.pine bark improves mood and fights depression. The component also strengthens the immune system and has beneficial effects on the nervous system. 5.L-arginine is the main amino acid that has beneficial effects on blood circulation in the penis and eliminates erectile dysfunction. Substance improves metabolism and regenerative processes.

Instructions for use

In packaging with drops of the drug to increase potency Erogan includes a user manual which details the indications, contraindications and method of application. General rules of the drug the following: 1.Erogan take twice a day. It is recommended to do it in the morning 2.drops can be taken during meals or 20 minutes before a meal 3.take medication with plenty of water 4.repeat the procedure every day for four weeks

How it works?

Erogan is a drug which is produced specially for men. Its primary action is directed to the improvement and restoration of normal potency. Reviews note the high enough effectiveness after application. And the manufacturer claims that the product passed clinical tests and has received all necessary quality certificates.


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