Fish XXL

Fish XXL

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Fish XXL has a small secret. It lies in the particular composition on the development of which worked for more than 7 years, scientists from Spain, Italy and Germany.


Elephant garlic. It attracts carp, pike, bream, carp. Fishing will be very productive, and the number of fish will amaze even the most avid angler. Hemp oil. On it are actively bream, silver bream, tench, roach and CONV. You will only spray the part, to throw the bait and wait. Kaffir lime. A great bait that caught bream, carp, roach, bream, tench and other inhabitants of the river and lake of the world. Protein squid. It is a strong flavor, affecting the sense of smell catfish, perch, Rotana, burbot and others. With such a composition you can aromatize any and all attachments, including the most "gentle": bloodworm, corn, barley. Simply spray on the bait and start fishing. And then she goes on the hook. Reviews of fishermen on the forums say that no matter how wonderful it sounded, it really is true.

Instructions for use

Use Fish XXL very simple. In order to lure the fish enough to spray the spray on your bait several times and to throw the bait. After one such manipulation, you will be able to catch three or four fish. After this, the spray must be repeated.

How it works?

It is known that the fish a good nose. They can smell even a small amount of unfavorable substances in the far distance. For each type of fish this may be your scent. Also the fish's inherent flavor. Their receptors to feel loved and mouth-watering tastes. For example, predators such as pike love spicy smells and tastes of amino acids. But carp or roach will attract sour lemon flavor. It is on this property and based the action of the activator.


Fish XXL
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