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“Fly Bra” is an invention of Japanese scientists, which allowed all women of the world look amazing in any clothes and not worry that the bra will stand out under clothing. This accessory allows you to wear trendy and outright dress with open back and plunging neckline.
“Fly bra” is a modern self-adhesive invisible bra that is designed for repeated use without straps and buckles, forming a perfect bust and remaining invisible under any clothes. The silicone cups are connected to the adjustable lacing, forming a sexy cleavage, lift the chest and giving her mouth-watering form.


At the core of the bra cups Fly Bra is the silicone and the outer part is soft, smooth spandex. Specially developed formula allows air to freely circulate, eliminating "greenhouse effect" inside the Cup. Allergy-free silicone, safe for health, lines the internal surface of underwear. With its help the skin efficiently keeps the bra Fly bra, has already become popular among modern girls and women.

Instructions for use

Use invisible silicone bra "Fly bra" easy. Instructions for use contains few simple steps: 1.First, the skin needs to be cleaned, for example, wash and then wipe dry with a towel. To use the cream, butter and other oily or greasy tools are not recommended as they will make the skin slippery, which will help shift the cups and prevent them secure. 2.The laces need to be loosened. Next lay the silicone cups to the breast, after removing the protective film and firmly press them to lock on the skin. Make sure that the surface is contiguous, and the accessory is not moved and does not slide. 3.Now, tightening the laces, create the perfect breast shape. The degree of tension adjust and define on their own, depending on the outfit and desired effect. To lift the bust and create a sexy cleavage, tighten the laces almost completely. And to preserve the natural, choose a medium level of tension. 4.And finally, the last step. Again firmly hold the bra to your chest with your hands and hold this position for a few seconds to achieve the best fixation. Now you can wear the outfit and not to worry about underwear.

How it works?

It remains completely invisible under any clothes, including plus size bustier, dresses with open back and extremely low neckline. It can also be worn under a translucent and highly transparent things: selecting the beige color, you will be able to get simulate the lack of underwear, but to hide the most intimate areas.


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