Fresh Fingers

Fresh Fingers

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“Fresh Fingers” is antibacterial medicated spray-on deodorant that contribute to eliminate nasty foot odor and decrease sweating. This means of hygiene even in the heat of summer prevents the growth of microbes that create odor resistant sweat. Also the deodorant has a preventive effect. Its use will allow to forget about diseases such as foot fungus and avoid unpleasant phenomena in the form of broken, cracked and flaky skin.


In the "FreshFingers" only natural ingredients. - Essential oil of tea tree. Prevents bacteria, promote rapid healing of minor skin injuries. Improve metabolic processes in the skin. - The concentrated aromatic extracts of plants. (Mask odors). - The rich composition of vitamins. - Substances with a deodorizing effect, including peppermint essential oil. (Provide the pores and reducing the activity of glands that produce sweat). - Water. - The presence of talc provides a drying effect. The set of components has a purely natural origin, and therefore cannot cause an allergic reaction when using the spray. Exception: If the person is allergic to essential oils. Not recommended to use deodorant with serious injuries and wounds on the skin of the foot. In these cases, may cause irritation.

Instructions for use

According to the recommendations of the experts, before applying the spray, the legs should be well washed and dried. Necessarily treated skin on the fingers, as a rule, is formed between the accumulation of bacteria. Before spraying the deodorant, you need to carefully shake the contents of the vial. After even application, dress only a few minutes to give it to dry. Otherwise, the protective layer of the spray will remain on their toes. To enhance the effectiveness of the deodorant, it is recommended to use the spray at least 2 times daily, especially in the summer when bacteria is more active.

How it works?

In addition to cosmetic effects (feeling of dryness, freshness), has therapeutic effects on the skin of the feet and the nail plate. - Kills any manifestation of the fungus. - The skin becomes smooth. - Removing the inflammatory processes. - Cooling effect. - Enriches the epidermis with vitamins. The main advantages of therapeutic spray "FreshFingers": - Treatment of skin and nail plates on the toes. - After completing the course, all signs of the foot fungus disappear for a long time. The effect becomes noticeable already after the first use. - A guarantee of results. - Not detected the presence of side effects. - Well sprayed, leaving no trace. - Environmentally friendly product. - Price is available for a wide range of consumers. Deodorants "Fresh Fingers" it's a real escape. In a very short time he quickly and protects the feet from sweating and unpleasant odours, maintaining the freshness for a long time.


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