Goji cream

Goji cream

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“Goji cream” – unique natural remedy can work wonders not only with the skin of the face and entire body. New patented formula aimed primarily at combating wrinkles, even the deepest. In addition, age-related changes of the skin carry a negative aesthetic effect, they can be dangerous. Lightweight creamy texture absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving the surface sticky film. After a few minutes, you can apply base makeup.


Complex 3-in-1 contains organic ingredients, Dead sea minerals and specially cleaned mud. Together all the ingredients effectively fight not only wrinkles, but also with the appearance of cellulite in different parts of the body. The cream includes: 20 most valuable to the human body amino acids; vitamin C (Goji berries contain it in the record number of 500 times more than kiwi fruit, oranges and lemons); b vitamins; vitamin E, a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels and blood composition; it in the product more than in apples, about 15 times; betaine – cosmetic ingredient that effectively protects the cells from moisture loss, the adverse effects of UV rays, dryness and excess salts. In the complex there are a number of powerful ingredients targeting: lipids of marine algae to moisturize, renew cellular structure, make the membrane resilient to the adverse effects of the environment; olive oil – maintains the cells in a sufficient percentage of moisture, even if you are constantly in the sun or wind; mineral complex is responsible for the normalization of the processes of lymphatic drainage, puffiness and bags under the eyes go; hormones shaped substances slow down the aging; chloride of bromine disinfects, antibacterial effect.

Instructions for use

Before use, carefully read the instructions and follow it religiously – only in this case guaranteed the desired result. Face should be cleaned from the remnants of makeup, sebum, dirt with tonic or water with the selected godovogo funds. If you plan to use the cream on other parts of the body, take a shower with the gel. Dry the skin with a towel or napkin until no moisture on its surface. Circular massage small amount of cream, apply on face, eye area should be avoided. If substance has got on mucous membranes of eyes, rinse with plenty of water and if irritation occurs consult a doctor. To use the tool, you need 1 times a day for 2 weeks. Minimum course of 10 days.

How it works?

The epidermis of our skin contains collagen. Its quantity depends on the appearance of our face, neck, decollete, etc. the healthiest way to stay young is to help the deep layers of skin to produce collagen. That, in fact, makes enriched composition Goji Cream. It returns the elasticity, and hence the youth, in the near future. To skin cells constantly divided and restructured, it is necessary to protect them from harmful ultraviolet radiation and to compensate for their biologically active components. All of these components contains “Goji cream”. A very important factor is prevent new wrinkles to appear. Enriching the epidermis of the face, neck and other parts of the body trace elements, amino acids and variety of vitamins, cream to rejuvenate “Goji cream” to cope with this task.


Goji cream
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