Hammer of Thor

Hammer of Thor

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“Hammer of Thor” – a unique means to enhance potency
– Drops for potency is unique in its composition drops, which will help to restore and improve the potency of one hundred percent. As we know, the most effective recipes kept our ancestors in ancient times, so the prescription of these effective drops have reached our days, in a more improved and modern version. The drug is tested clinically, the results proved and confirmed.


The monkfish liver. There is nothing supernatural in this component are not in the plan, what the hell is this predatory fish, which is found in salt seas. But in terms of the impact on the male body liver feature is a unique component that ensures the proper balance of zinc in the male body. Moss Cladonia. The extract of this Northern plant is responsible for the flow of oxygen to the vessels. This ingredient will ensure the continuity of male power. Snails. To be more precise, the composition of the drops included the secretion of litorin, which is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, which only can be found in its natural form. For example: everyone knows about the strong ability of oysters and other seafood, so the secretion of snails in concentrations of hormones covers all known "sea-activators strength." Small crustaceans. This component is called Antarctic krill. However, regardless of the name of the ingredient acts the same way: ensures the correct distribution and assimilation of vitamins and minerals, enhances men's immunity, adds vitality and energy.

Instructions for use

Use this drug is very simple – it needs to drip on the tongue three to five drops 1-2 times a day. The course is fifteen days. After the break you can repeat the course drops, it will contribute to intensify and prolong positive effect. Drops “Hammer of Thor” do not cause drowsiness, headaches or other side effects, therefore, during their reception it is possible to drive a car, play sports and lead their way of life. Also it is not forbidden to combine them with the use of other drugs and alcoholic drinks.

How it works?

Due to its natural ingredients included in the structure of the drug, the drug has no negative impact on the body of men. The drug works differently from Viagra, not rapid blood flow to the penis and uncontrolled erection. Everything will happen as it should be – the body will be ready for intimacy. The improvement in potency can be seen already from the first days of treatment, but no consequences for the organism will not be. No erection at the wrong time and the wrong place will not have to wait. Based on the lack of harm to the body, the drug has no contraindications.


Hammer of Thor
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