Mangosteen Sirup

Mangosteen Sirup

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“Mangosteen Sirup” for weight loss is an effective tool designed to free people from excess weight. This drug consists of natural components and substances, so it is considered safe for health. The experts involved in the production of this syrup claim that in just one month the person taking it can lose 15 pounds.


Main component of the “Mangosteen Sirup” is the fruit itself. To get the maximum amount of nutrients, use fresh ripe fruit. This determines the development of special technology to ensure the safety of all useful components in the finished syrup. Collection and processing of fruits produced in one day. Careful heat treatment ensures the preservation of all trace elements and vitamin in its original form.The main value of mangosteen is the inclusion of a large number of xanthones. The effect of antioxidants is much more effective such "beauty vitamin" as E and C. A single fruit contains nearly 50 times more xanthones than in the overgrown Bush aloe. Mangosteen, vitaminami filled: A, C, E, D, a full set of vitamin group B. Fruits are filled with calcium, iron, phosphorus, catechins.

Instructions for use

How to take a “Mangosteen Sirup”? Instruction manual provides a number of options: 1.To use the drug, adhering to a usual diet, and before eating, drinking 0.5 teaspoon means. 2.Dilute in juice, water, yogurt and tea. Feeling in between meals hunger, instead of the usual snacks should take 1 spoon of the drug. To accelerate the effect, nutritionists recommend drinking one teaspoon of syrup before going to sleep instead of eating.

How it works?

“Mangosteen Sirup” includes natural ingredients that provide soft, but the active effect on all systems of the body, helping to rid excess weight for a long period. With the beginning of taking the syrup, is guaranteed to launch a powerful process of purification: excess moisture, cholesterol, toxins will leave the body. This will help to cope not only with cellulite, but and swelling.


Mangosteen Sirup
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