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Motion Free

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“Motion Free” – cream get rid of pain and swelling, and will return all the damaged joint to its former health in a few weeks! No more expensive drugs, methods, and medical consultation is not necessary.


Action “Motion Free” based solely on vegetable ingredients: propolis eliminates puffiness, tones veins, prevents blood clots, normalizes metabolism and promotes rapid healing; olive oil – to nourish the cartilage with vitamins and microelements; oleoresin cedar – improves blood circulation, stops the inflammatory process and eliminate its consequences; the extract of bee moth – tones the walls of blood vessels, increasing their elasticity and firmness, promotes the secretion of synovial lubrication and prevents friction; beeswax – is involved in regenerative processes, restores the damaged areas; bee venom – relieves spasms, improves blood circulation; bee subpestilence eliminates pain symptoms, reduces inflammation; vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system and accelerate the metabolism.

Instructions for use

Apply “Motion Free” should be directly on the diseased joint, if the skin is damaged, the cream cannot be used. Rubbing cream into clean, dry skin massage movements three times a day at equal intervals of time. To interrupt the course of treatment is impossible, even if you feel much better, can not be to complete it — this will prevent the occurrence of the disease in the future.

How it works?

“Motion Free” is an integrated approach to the treatment of joints, acting not only outside but also inside. Only one course of treatment cream allows you to: relieve pain and stiffness; eliminate swelling; to stop the inflammation, strengthen blood vessels.


Motion Free
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