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Neofossen — natural dietary drug that accelerates the burning of excess calories and fats in the human body. This product has successfully established itself in the tendency to pathological weight gain, increased appetite, slowing of metabolism and a high content of “bad” cholesterol in the blood.


The basis of the formula of the complex diet was taken only natural ingredients with a high metabolic activity. The absence of any chemical additives and dangerous substances is the key to good endurance and high efficiency range of patients. In the product for weight loss includes the following natural ingredients: Forskolin activates the lipid metabolism, turning calories into energy and reducing fat layer thickness. Accelerates protein synthesis by preventing the decline in muscle mass. In addition, Forskolin has the ability to enhance the flow of blood through the vessels and normalize the levels of some hormones. Garcinia cambogia — reduces symptoms of pathological appetite and cravings for starchy and sweet. Active ingredients Garcinia cambogia inhibit the formation of fatty molecules from entering the body of carbohydrates, chase metabolic rate, improve metabolism. Chrome fills the gaps very important for the body trace element, so that the person is a pathological craving for sugar and sweets. Along with this, chrome takes an active part for many metabolic processes, normalizes the functioning of the hormonal system, involved in the synthesis of muscle fibers. Green coffee extract — activates lipolysis, improves vigor and energy potential of the organism, leads to normal metabolism.

Instructions for use

To get rid of extra pounds, you should take the capsules twice a day, not forgetting the regularity of therapy. The first capsule should be taken half an hour before Breakfast and half hour before lunch. Course reception continues at least for one month, if necessary, weight loss can continue, after consulting with the doctor. The best results are achieved by combining vegetable capsule with sufficient physical activity and a balanced daily diet.

How it works?

After the active substances of the drug begin to enter the body, it is cleansing from toxins and aktiviziruyutsya the breakdown of fats. In the result, leave extra centimeters and kilograms, making the figure slimmer and more attractive. This leads the following features Botanical complex: powerful cleansing at a cellular level; activation of all types of metabolism; normalization of hormonal background; increase of vitality. The tool has good tolerance and practically has no contraindications. Caution should be observed only for those patients who have an intolerance to any medicinal herbs. To refrain from taking Neofossen should pregnant women and nursing mothers, as the effects of active substances of the complex is undesirable for a child.


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