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Nicoin is the newest spray for Smoking cessation, the performance capabilities of various patches, supplements, encoding and tablets. Its unique composition includes medicinal herbs and botanicals that quickly eliminate the craving for nicotine and improves overall health. Also people disappears halitosis, improved condition of hair, skin, nails.


Depending on how much time a person smokes, his blood vessels are subjected to more or less defeats. Therefore, to restore their structure and preventing vascular diseases, part of the spray included Niacin. It also improves metabolism and suppresses the desire to eat something. This prevents weight gain. In addition, Niacin reduces the body's need for nicotine, resulting in the process of Smoking is becoming more and more rare. The longer a person uses the spray, the less nicotine it requires. The extract of the medicinal St. John's wort soothes and struggling with depression, neurosis, asthenia, as evidenced by the reviews of former smokers. Also, this medicinal herb helps in dealing with "fragile", insomnia, mood swings and other withdrawal symptoms from cigarettes. Hawthorn extract part of the spray to restore the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Also it tones, relieves sleep problems, has a calming effect. Pectin contained in the berries, bind and excrete toxins and waste products. In addition, hawthorn is effective against bad breath. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils improve lung function, accelerate the cleansing of the organs, eliminate shortness of breath and other breathing problems. They also act against bacteria, eliminate inflammation, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Medical reviews confirm that due to the essential oils improves expectoration, and accelerated tissue healing.

Instructions for use

Once you have decided to buy the spray to use Nicoin very simple. It is packaged in small vials. When you want to smoke, need to inject in the mouth a small dose, having made one or two presses on the dispenser. You will feel the taste of menthol or mint and no longer want to buy. Usually for getting rid of Smoking is quite a month. If a month of the drug was not enough, you need to purchase a new spray.

How it works?

After the injection of the spray into my mouth after a couple of minutes in the smoker appears and feels like he has just smoked a cigarette. Does not remain an unpleasant aftertaste and odor. At this point, thanks to the active components is vasodilation, which contributes to the oxygenation of the heart muscles and entire body. The smoker feels relaxed and is in a great mood.


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