NikoStop Antistress

NikoStop Antistress

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NikoStop Antistress is a natural ingredient that helps to overcome any emerging burden during the fight against Smoking. The main effect of this product is that during its use each smoker is supplied with a minimal dose of nicotine, resulting in not so much felt withdrawal symptoms. The main feature of this tool is that it does not contain any harmful additives that do not correlate with the severity from the real Smoking.


Saponins constitute a substance that has a natural origin, it helps to quit Smoking. This substance was discovered by Russian scientists in our laboratory. Saponins are able to block the receptors responsible for pleasure received by the smoker from cigarettes, and force the body to react negatively when hit of nicotine. Thus, no desire to smoke a cigarette.

Instructions for use

Judging by the reviews of people who have experienced "NikoStop Antistress" for yourself, you need to use it in the following way: the Drops should be dissolved in water or in pure form three times a day, for 15 or 20 at a time. The medical complex is designed for one course of treatment. This averages out to 14 days. However, some may need repeated administration of the drug. A month later, the dependence disappears.

How it works?

Before was released drops NikoStop Antistress, they were tested with experts – 14 days after application of the people who have smoked before, noted the following changes: improved the condition of the teeth; the urge to smoke, especially in stressful situations – was gone completely; gone mouth sores; normalized digestion; improved skin; disappeared even chronic diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract; sleep became more restful.


NikoStop Antistress
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