Varyforte is a modern remedy for varicose veins that are intended for home use. This is a great alternative to surgical intervention. As a result of using disappear swollen veins and redness, disappearing heaviness and swelling. The drug is recommended … Continue reading Varyforte


After the cream applied to the skin it begins to actively block the spread of the infection and destroys the infected cells. Inhibits bacteria growth, closing the sweat glands, through which they are distributed. As an antiseptic, inhibits odor, softens … Continue reading Fungalor


The drug Hondocream quickly reduces inflammation, controls pain, prevents the degradation of cartilage and quickens the mobility of the joints. This drug is effective for any disorder of the musculoskeletal tissue as well as negative processes in the articular capsule. … Continue reading Hondocream


DentaBlack is a toothpaste with whitening and revitalizing action. Organic coal on the basis of which the product is manufactured, successfully fighting off pathogenic bacteria, while maintaining the health of the oral cavity and fresh breath. As the result is … Continue reading DentaBlack