Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca

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Peruvian Maca – a South American plant grown in the Andes and is medicinal. Powdered root Peruvian Maca improves mental and physical activity, and is also used to enhance male potency.
Peruvian Maca belongs to the family Cruciferae and is named in honor of its discoverer. Mostly grows in Latin America, in the mountains at a height of 3000 m.


Composition Peruvian Maca rich in essential for the human body substances and microelements: amides of fatty acids, effective to enhance male potency; alkaloids useful for the urinary system; thiocyanates and glucosinolates, which are strong onkoprotektor. A huge list of important for the health of minerals and vitamins such as copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus and calcium, E, C, B12, B2 and B1 contained in Peruvian Maca, making it much useful for the body. Part of the plants are tannins, alkaloids and starch, carbohydrates 80% and proteins 10-15%. This all speaks to the undeniable benefits Peruvian Maca for male and female body.

Instructions for use

Initially begin to make small doses, gradually leading to 1-3 hours per day; for prevention and maintaining health, taking 5 g daily; for medicinal purposes in 12 g. with a break for a day every 6 days. Some manufacturers recommend taking 1-2 doses (total of 500 mg). But better to start with small doses, gradually increasing and focusing on the health. The safety of the Peruvian Maca proven by experts, but the drug should not be used: During pregnancy; intolerance of any component. In all other cases, the intake of the plant is completely harmless.

How it works?

Peruvian Maca benefits when used correctly and acts in the following way: Improves the quality of semen by enhancing and increasing the number of sperm that contributes to the prevention of infertility, especially with oligospermia. Peruvian Maca — an aphrodisiac that improves sexual function. Increases libido in men and women normalizes the reproductive system. The plant has a rejuvenating effect and slows the aging process. Particularly relevant today is the ability Peruvian Maca to tone and strengthen the body, which significantly increases concentration and endurance, the forming stress. Peruvian Maca is an anabolic agent. It enhances endurance training and muscle strength. Peruvian Maca a positive effect on the whole body and can compete with other sports supplements. Applying this plant, you normalize the state of the genitourinary system and strengthen your health.


Peruvian Maca
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