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PowerUp Premium

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PowerUp Premium is a unique preparation for the rapid growth of muscle mass, the regular use of which after exercise increases the efficiency of digestion several times, contributing to the active growth of muscles. Carefully balanced composition of the concentrate allows you to achieve stunning results and get a beautiful healthy body in the shortest time.


The drug contains a complete set of all necessary substances for humans, including those without which normal growth of muscle fibers is impossible. This includes several types of amino acids, minerals, natural tonic, vitally important vitamins. Combining the intake of the concentrate "PowerUp Premium" and the resultant sports training allows the body to absorb food by almost 100%. So, each calorie will go to its benefit, providing rapid growth of muscle mass from the first days of admission. Main components: Wheat bran - rich in natural vegetable protein. Cocoa - contains highly concentrated amino acids, which fill muscle tissue with energy and participate in the process of its recovery. Spirulina is an alga rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, which accelerate the growth of muscle fibers. Buckwheat is an excellent source of proteins and minerals, vitamins and amino acids, iron and zinc. Brown rice is an excellent food product, rich in proteins, saturated fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Peas - contains a huge amount of easily digestible protein, necessary for building muscles. The combination of these and other useful components of the drug makes it possible to fill the muscles with energy, contributing to their accelerated growth.

Instructions for use

Take the sports concentrate "PowerUp Premium" is recommended daily, even on days that are not planned for active training. It is best to add one teaspoon of the drug to the protein shake, taken immediately after classes in the gym - so you can achieve the best of its effectiveness. Use additives on fasting days should be carried out after a small warm-up.

How it works?

Each of the components of the PowerUp Premium concentrate is extremely useful for the athlete's organism, as a result of which the drug has a most powerful positive effect on it: Increases the efficiency of digestion. As part of the complex is a complete set of all necessary for human nutrition elements, which allows the body not only to better absorb the food consumed, but also to normalize the processes of digestion and metabolism occurring in it. As a result, with regular training, the intake of concentrate guarantees the fastest possible set of muscle mass, regardless of the diet. Charges forces for the rest of the day. The drug literally fills the muscles with much-needed energy for them, allowing a person to maintain a high level of activity and vigor throughout the day, thereby increasing not only the effectiveness of training, but also the ability to cope with normal everyday affairs. Adjusts the body to obtain the maximum result. The tremendous progress in training has been noticeable since the very first days of the use of the "PowerUp Premium" concentrate, allowing to achieve truly astounding achievements in a short time. Long-term effect. Rapidly recruited as a result of active training and use of the drug, muscle mass will not go anywhere, even if for a while to stop powerful physical activity. Having achieved the desired muscle growth, it is not necessary to continue taking concentrate.


PowerUp Premium
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