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Princess Hair

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Princess Hair is a tool for hair care. Cosmetic product in the form of a mask on a plant basis strengthens and stimulates growth of hair follicles. Regular use Princess Hair helps maintain healthy hair and achieve a luxurious glow and incredible strength the weakened tresses. In addition to the care mask is an excellent prevention of early graying.


Princes Hair – a veritable storehouse of medicinal and nutritional components. The unique combination of natural and plant substances ensures effective, gentle impact in a complex on the scalp and throughout the length of the hair. Sea-buckthorn oil. Actively stimulates cell renewal, refreshes the skin and restores weakened beauty treatments hair (perms, coloring, thermal effect, etc.). Sea buckthorn has potent antibacterial properties, reduces irritation, dandruff, increases hair growth. Centella asiatica (extract). Increases blood circulation in the skin of the head, removes free radicals (a secondary reason for the loss of the coloring pigment in the hair). Addresses inflammation and irritated areas, fights dandruff, and basal fat hair. The root of Polygonum multiflorum (extract). Popular in folk medicine, the remedy for gray hair and breakage. Restores the structure of hair, eliminates dandruff and relieves seborrhea. Accelerates the growth. The Shea Butter. Protects hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, the chemical elements consisting of caregivers, the sensible heat of hot tools and devices. Avocado (extract). Has high penetrating properties, which helps all the nutrients to be distributed along the length of the hair and skin cells. Forms a protective film against aggressive external influences. Gives a healthy Shine and strength. Complex of proteins. Protein in the structure of healthy curl destroyed by regular contact with harmful substances and hot surfaces (Curling irons, flat irons, etc.). This leads to dryness and dullness, making the hair lifeless puppet. The proteins in the composition of the mask will restore and return the health of the hair. Hair becomes shiny, silky and more voluminous. Complex vitamins. A, E, D, F – a range of mineral micronutrients fighting for health and vitality skin and scalp.

Instructions for use

Princess Hair must be applied on pre-washed, wet hair. Carefully massage the head and distribute the mask along the length of the hair. To withstand 5-7 minutes and rinse the hair under running water. The course is 8 weeks, every 2-3 days.

How it works?

Preferences of trichologists all over the world today is natural products for treatment and hair restoration. Mask Princess Hair is just that. This versatile, powerful tool for different types of hair and consumers of any age. Its main advantages: Food. Hydration. Complete recovery. Protection. Prevention of gray hair. Volume. Activating "dormant" follicles. The first visible result appears immediately after a single application and maintained with regular use.


Princess Hair
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