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Psorimilk is the cream of the milk, which takes care of the affected areas of the skin, reducing the appearance of psoriasis. According to clinical studies, 93% of patients skin defects disappear completely, at others they are subtle.


Nucifera Lotus is a traditional component of Chinese medicine, which would often ride to cure psoriasis. Has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and anti-toxic properties. Japanese honeysuckle is available in all complexes in the elimination of skin diseases, because it is a natural antibiotic that helps to stop the growth and spread of any pathogens on the skin, which of course works fine, and in the case of psoriasis. Anemarrhena asphodeloides – also a natural antibiotic. Is more for toning the skin. Forsythia hanging down – a fairly common plant in the South of Korea, which is used for calming the skin from severe irritation. Centella asiatica is the best natural regeneration component. Often used in its natural form to heal burns, wounds, etc.

Instructions for use

To use the cream, no need to resort to the services of cosmetologists, dermatologists, or be under the supervision of a doctor. It is easy to make at home, and at any time convenient for you. A small amount of cream is applied to psoriatic areas with gentle strokes. To RUB or cover the seat fabric is not required. Before you use the cream as intended, you need to make sure the skin is dry, there are no remnants of cosmetics, dust, dirt.

How it works?

Psorimilk is a product of high quality which, like security, has been confirmed officially. There are even certificates issued for that facility after successfully passed clinical trials. You can finally look at the composition of this cream to make extra sure that he can bring only benefits and achieve the desired effects. Each of the ingredients has a natural origin, and chemical preservatives are not available. .


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