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Rhino-Correct – This is a special clip, which act on the cartilage tissue. Langada promises to make the nose more refined ? to raise the tip (due to what is removed length), and effectively narrow down the wings and tip of the nose. Langada Rhino-Correct will correct the nose in just a month with the use of 10-15 minutes a day.


What immediately catches the eye when opening the package with the product is its quality. It's not cheap plastic, but a real orthogel. It has no peculiar smell and very pleasant to the touch. Because langada nose Rhino-Correct focused more on the female audience, the manufacturer chose to do it in a gentle pink colors. However, there is another reason – trim not so much conspicuous, merging with skin color. The size of the clip on the nose is very compact, it is suitable to store it in purse or to carry in purse. Constantly go with a pin is not required, it can even hurt, since it impedes the circulation. To avoid injury and to obtain the desired shape of the nose just a couple hours a day.

Instructions for use

The device itself just clip and versatile. It is suitable for both men and women, for any initial shape and size of the nose. How to use – clear intuitive, but just in case you should read the accompanying papers. So, before you put Rhino-Correct for a nose manual advises to observe measures of personal hygiene. Lagetko should be thoroughly rinsed with soapy water and wipe dry. This manipulation is repeated every time before you start the repair session of the nose. Orthogel very good experiences all water treatments, completely free of possible bacteria and germs with ordinary soap. After hygiene intricacies, you should just make a nozzle on the nose to correct. To be comfortable, and forget not for two hours. It is best not to rely on memory, and put the time on the clock, so as not to "miss the bus" when the 120 minutes runs out. Do not have to repeat the procedure every day, you can be limited to 3-4 days a week for two hours. But does "launch" the process, regularity is one and the keys to successful transformation. Those who are very limited in free time, it is good to know that the clip can be directly on the work. Of course, it will be noticeable, but the braces in our time no one to show is not shy, so what's the worst concealer for the nose? At night, as mentioned, leave Rhino-Correct is impossible, because at long wearing it interferes with blood circulation, which is not very useful.

How it works?

Langada for the correction of the nose Rhino-Correct gently, but effectively puts pressure on the cartilage of the nose, thereby changing its shape. No pressure, which could cause harm to the tissues, is not provided. In fact, it is about the same exercises that also put pressure on the cartilage, only without the use of hands. Wore and forgotten.


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