Royal Black Mask

Royal Black Mask

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Royal Black Mask is a unique invention in cosmetics.
No one is immune from the emergence of acne and blackheads. Even the age of the lesions is not a hindrance. Most often the pimples appear through pores. This may not decorate their owner. Only proper hygiene will help to get rid of the rash.
Gels and scrubs don’t always bring the desired effect. Since the pores tend to narrow, to clean them is not always easy. On the skin, especially in adolescents, there are problem areas. These include the chin, cheeks and is known T-zone. In this regard, manufacturers have developed an effective tool called Royal Black Mask.


The mask consists of an absorbent in the form of activated charcoal, which effectively cleanses the skin, lining her tone. The mask is clinically proven. Many volunteers have already switched to the mask Royal Black Mask. If you use the mask regularly for two weeks, then the effect will be obvious. Due to included the charcoal of bamboo, the skin is deeply cleansed. Components of the mask remove all the impurities and dust particles. Coal is the most effective tool in the fight against blackheads and oily Shine. Part of vitamin B5 moisturizes and softens the skin. Wheat germ tighten the skin, creating a lifting effect and contribute to the treatment of acne. Grapefruit has a bleaching effect, reduces redness, improves complexion.

Instructions for use

The visible effect of the use of masks is noticeable after the first application. Mask apply a thin layer to problem areas of the skin. After it dries (15-20 minutes), the tape should be removed. It is best before applying the mask facial skin to steam, to cleanse it more effective, and components of the mask was able to penetrate deeper into the pores. The mask clings to the surface of black dots, and when you remove the mask from the face. Ninety three percent of the cases, the mask helped to get rid of the rashes and black spots. The rest of the percent effect is, but small. Some simply clean skin. Before applying the mask be sure to read the instructions! Despite the fact that the mask has many useful properties, it may be a reaction to some components. Therefore, it is best to consult a beautician.

How it works?

Royal Black Mask is an effective tool in the fight against the hated imperfections. The mask has earned a great number of positive reviews. It really brings the cleansing effect. Detailed clinical studies were conducted by the specialists before you start the mask in mass production. Royal Black Mask recommended by many famous beauticians. It has certain advantages: it purifies pores, by deep penetration; the mask helps to matte the skin, eliminating Shine, removing inflammation; elevates skin tone; smoothes the skin, making it gentle; calms; the pores become narrow and become less noticeable.


Royal Black Mask
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