Royal Gold Mask

Royal Gold Mask

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Royal Gold Mask is a unique mask that contains gold particles aimed at removing wrinkles and other skin imperfections. After all, many know about the properties of gold to enhance the process of skin rejuvenation and body as a whole. This mask is designed not only for women faced with this problem, but for those who want to preserve their youth and beauty of skin, to get rid of acne, age spots, even out skin tone. Due to exchange rate applying this mask, any problems regardless of age will be eliminated.
Many experts in the field of beauty think that the mask Royal Gold Mask is the best way to rejuvenate the skin. As the results of numerous studies already after a few applications the skin becomes healthy and radiant appearance. Royal Gold Mask has received recognition from more than a million women around the world.


All in the natural ingredients of this mask. Through the use of natural ingredients and their combination, the skin is filled with necessary nutrients, and prevents aging. The main component of this mask is gold nanoparticles. Gold improves the production of collagen, which is the Foundation of youthful skin. In addition, it stimulates cellular respiration, normalizes gas exchange in the tissues; Besides gold, the mask contains seaweed. Marine algae contain large amounts of iodine, which has anti-inflammatory effect. Iodine helps combat acne, control sebum production, in addition nourishes the skin with essential substances. Also included in the collagen, which accelerates the process of tissue regeneration and improves skin elasticity. Another important element is koalin. It deeply cleanses pores and tightens pores, removes dead cells. In addition, the composition further includes an extract of lingonberry sheet, which has a calming effect, it reduces the sensitivity to various irritants and allergens.

Instructions for use

To achieve the desired result it is important to use Royal Gold Mask and follow the instructions. You first need to thoroughly clean the skin. Then dissolve the powder with water in a ratio of 2:1, the mixture should be like thick cream. The resulting mixture should be applied directly on the face, as it hardens quickly. Then evenly distribute the mixture on the face; Wait for some time when the mixture solidifies, then remove the cured film. Use of mask is recommended twice a week for two months.

How it works?

Thanks to its unique composition, all substances penetrate deep into the skin. The resulting fabric is saturated with the necessary amount of oxygen. Thanks to the gold particles aktiviziruyutsya production of collagen. Part of mask elements have an antiseptic effect reproach tissue regeneration, eliminates acne and subcutaneous fat. The process normalizes the production of melanin, the pigmentation becomes less pronounced. With regular use, skin will be tightened and will be able to withstand external factors that accelerate the aging process and cause irritation and various skin diseases.


Royal Gold Mask
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