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Tinedol is an ideal tool for the treatment of fungal infections on the feet, produced in the form of a special cream.
Tool Tinedol not only helps to eliminate symptoms of the disease (to relieve itching, redness of the skin, to remove the unpleasant smell), but forever to cure foot fungus. The infection ceases to spread, and eventually disappears because of the action of the active components of the drug.


Vegetable oil. Antiseptic and softener. It has a soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Used in the treatment and cosmetics to eliminate dry skin and heal cracked; Vitamin E. a Natural antioxidant. Has regenerative properties. It is used to accelerate the healing of wounds and cracks on skin; The wax emulsion. Soft protection. Gives ointments Tinedol softening effect and increases the permeability of skin cells. Additionally, the wax used to create a barrier that prevents the evaporation of life-giving water; Glycerin. Emulsifier. It has a soothing property. Along with water, improves the consistency of the ointment. Necessary for the mixing of substances that can not mix a priori (oil, water, etc); Essential oil of peppermint. The natural antiseptic. It has a cooling, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory properties. Necessary to deal with the itching, disinfection of damaged skin and eliminate sweat odor; Triethanolamine. Adsorbent. Has the property to retain harmful substances and germs. Necessary to prevent the spread of fungal infection;

Instructions for use

Instructions for use ointment Tinedol consists of 6 steps: Wash feet thoroughly. If necessary, use a scrub and pumice. The skin should be steamed and clean. Wipe dry legs with a towel. Do it gently to avoid irritation. With clean hands apply a small on the foot. Neat movements RUB the ointment until completely absorbed. Pay special attention to the most suffering from fungus. Repeat procedure until then while not using the whole tube, even if the fungus is gone.

How it works?

Each component of the ointment Tinedol acts positively on the healing process and speeds it up significantly. The principle of operation means: Skin and nails are softened, increase the penetrating ability (ointment absorbed and works to deeply). This is facilitated by lanolin, glycerin and wax included in the composition; Dead skin exfoliate faster, speeding up the process of removing the fungus. The effect is oils and vitamin E; The cracks heal due to the vitamin E, so they do not have time to multiply fungus; Irritated skin is soothed, the itch disappears due to the essential oils possessing anti-inflammatory and cooling effect;


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