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Cream UpSize for breast enhancement gives the effect of an invisible bra! This innovative novelty helps to model the ideal shape of the bust, increase the size of the breast. The product with natural ingredients has no side effects, and it can be used by women of any age for complex care of the decollete zone.


Regular use of the contents in the tube after 3 weeks will help to get a luxurious décolleté zone. After purchase, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions for use and to conduct a 15-minute reaction test. According to the certification on the package, detailed instructions are given. After a refreshing shower on the clean dry skin of the breast, a creamy consistency is formed along the circular massage lines. Massage is carried out 10-12 minutes before complete absorption by gentle stroking without pressure, only after that we pass to the other breast. At the final stage, the glands are re-massaged, movements begin and also end from the lower zone. Massage procedure is carried out in the morning and in the evening.

Instructions for use

Unique combinations of concentrates formed the basis for creating a highly effective cream formula for breast enlargement Upsize. Puerarii Mirifika has been known for a long time, as White Kwao Krua. Valuable for the maintenance of phytoestrogens in tubers. With the extraction of the extract of the miroestrol the scientists were engaged in the middle of the last century. It refers to isoflavones, which block the development of cancerous growths in the mammary gland, has a mammogenic effect, is distinguished by its "youthful" effect. Dioximiroestrol was synthesized in early 2000, obtained from the tubers of Puerarii Mirifika. The substance reduces the risk of developing heart disease, the appearance of osteoporosis, postponing the appearance of menopause. And its course makes it less tangible. Rose essential oil is a tonic and harmonizing agent derived from Moroccan and Damascus roses. Normalizes the endocrine system, regulates the course of menstruation, has a calming effect on the nervous system during menopause. Rose oil is the most popular with cosmetology. It smooths the skin, tones, regenerates.

How it works?

Due to the gentle impact of the drug and the use of the author's course of physical exercises, breast enlargement occurs within two dimensions. The shape becomes clearly rounded, the stretch marks and wrinkles disappear, the skin acquires elasticity, velvety and perfect smoothness. Noticeable changes are observed in the decollete after 3-4 weeks.


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