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Valgu-correct is a gel pad designed to overlap the cone of the foot of the foot due to valgus deformities. Thanks to the design, composition and technology of production, such a retainer has a beneficial effect on the joints and the general condition of the lower limbs.
Valgu-correct performs the following functions:
• fixes in the correct position the curved phalanges of fingers throughout the day;
• reduces the load on the foot when walking;
• stops the progression of the effects of valgus deformities;
• prevents the development of calluses and the formation of new growths;
• reduces pain in the deformed joints, discomfort when wearing tight shoes, unpleasant sensations from friction of the toes, fatigue and burning of the feet after physical exertion;
• promotes comfortable wearing of any type of footwear.
The very use of the Valgu-correct fixator will not heal the bump on the foot, but it will stop the development of joint deformations, the formation of calluses, and will allow you to get rid of leg pain.


The design of the Valgu-correct fixator consists of two elastic gel pieces - a petal and a roller, manufactured using a special technology. When using the lining, the petal should lie against the surface of the built-up on the phalanx of the thumb, protecting the painful area from rubbing with shoes and other adverse effects. The roller is located between the middle and big toes of the foot, thus correcting the position of affected joints.

Instructions for use

Before using the Valgu-correct fixator it is necessary to undergo examination of a specialist who will determine the degree of development of deformities and prescribe complex treatment of joints. It is not recommended to wear a gel corrector for fungal and other foot skin diseases, as well as for various injuries in the area of ​​growths - wounds, irritations, abrasions, scratches. The time of continuous wearing of the lining depends on the stage of the disease and is determined after consultation with a specialist. Usually this term leaves 6-10 at daily use. The surface of the corrector must be regularly cleaned from dust, sweat and other contaminants. To do this, you can use warm water, anti-allergenic soap or shampoo.

How it works?

Elasticity and strength of Valgu-correct parts allows you to align and hold the phalanges of your toes in the correct position, which promotes a uniform distribution of physical activity in the front of the foot. This stops the development of old and the appearance of new deformities of the joints, relieves of painful sensations during movements. In addition, the pad protects the skin from rubbing with shoes, thus preventing the formation of calluses. In combination with other methods of therapy, the Valgu-correct gel patch will serve as a reliable means of prevention and treatment of the effects of valgus deformities of I, II, and III degrees.


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